Superintendent's Corner


Much of our scheduled renovations have been completed already or are in the healing process. The moguls on 5 came in very nicely and the bunker removed. One of the reasons for removal of the bunker was that is was susceptible to washing out frequently, but more importantly it was a bunker that was virtually impossible to get the ball to stop from the back bunker to a downhill shot. The USGA even recommended its removal at one point
We ask all members and guests to do whatever possible while playing to insure our course integrity. It is virtually impossible to inspect our course daily and do necessary repairs. So we ask all of you to follow some standard rules; Repair ball marks on greens (yours and any others), scatter when leaving cart-paths to prevent the grass from dying on track continually used when driven over, Stay away from low-spots or saturated fairways to prevent rutting and lastly replace divots on tees or fairways, stomp down with considerable force to insure healthy growth.